Quality Assurance

National Sign Company is committed, at all levels, to ensure through effective management that the quality of the products and services it offers to each client is consistent, meets or exceeds the clients requirements as specified, conforms to the clients contractual requirements, along with those of applicable or statutory authorities and complies with relevant regulatory requirements. We are committed to and continually improving the effectiveness of our quality system.
The equity within the name National Sign Company has been built up over 10 years in the Print, Signage and Media industry. We have continued to deliver a high level in quality of service and are now able to extend the range of products and service that we offer by working alongside our sister company Eastbourne Sign Company. Strong relationships with our suppliers, investment in education, training, support staff, test equipment and spares are all more important contributory factors which allow National Sign Company to provide a solid and reliable service to our clients and users of the very important communications and information technology products which we sell and service.
The fine reputation enjoyed by National Sign Company has been borne out of continuous good management and application of policies carried out by conscientious staff, a belief that was recognised with National Sign Company . The quality system has the full backing of the Directors and management and it is a requirement that all personnel comply with documented procedures in the performance of their daily activities. All are fully aware of their responsibilities in implementing the system which is monitored by each department head. To ensure staff commitment to the system, the company endeavour to uphold a culture of opportunity rather than blame and actively seeks suggestions for improvements.
Through the Quality Forum, the company seeks continual improvement in areas such as customer satisfaction, cost reduction, increased efficiency and customer service via corrective and preventative actions and ongoing training. Specific objectives are set and reviewed at scheduled Quality Forum meetings (at least once per quarter) chaired by the Managing Director and attended by managers and staff from across the organisation.
The company is also committed to providing the necessary resources to enable the efficient execution of the company’s processes whether physical (people, materials and documentation) or environmental (buildings, workspace, support and environment) and shall maintain a high level of internal and external communication.
We will ensure that this Quality Policy is both maintained and regularly reviewed for suitability, that it is communicated and understood within the company, and made available to relevant interested parties externally, as appropriate.
We invite prospective new customers to take up our references or visit our premises and make their own assessment of the procedures operated within the company. We suggest that to do so would provide a first hand and more valid method of evaluation than could ever be obtained or relied upon by presentation of a quality management certification alone.

Matthew Spencer