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Client: J Property Management

Category: Web & Mobile

Date: June 2019

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Jessica Hall had already set up an esteemed property management company, her success pushed her to a position in which she was ready to upscale her business.

Jess approached NC with a social media management company already providing service for her social media accounts, however she believed that she could get a a better deal. We were able to offer a lower price with a higher return of leads. It was a no brainer.

Daily Engagement
Regular Posting
Ad management
Weekly Reports

By creating an integrated ad campaign, along with social media management, ee were able to allos Jessica to focus on her business. weekly reports enabled us to give her an overview of the service and then every time a new lead was generated our automated software would format an email for jess to then allow her team to reach out to the lead. For more information on our social media services don’t hesitate to get in touch.